Play Online Risk: The Top Sites


Packed with features and supported by an active and growing online community with excellent developer support.

Outstanding quality of map design lifts this site close to the top. A good feature set but sluggish to use and starting to lack for developer attention.

A relatively new online Risk site bringing some fresh ideas to the table but lacking critical mass at this stage.

Some innovative touches but limited map availability lets it down. A highlight is the built in AI which allows single player mode.

Good sized online community and map selection lift this site towards the top but it is let down by over-commercialisation and poor technical aspects.

A slightly bizarre online site which seems to offer more of a cult experience than a Risk game playing environment.


Some interesting extras but single map availability seriously limits appeal of the site.

Risk is the classic Hasbro™ strategy board game enjoyed by millions all over the world.

If you're visiting this site then you can probably remember spending hours, days, and even whole weekends huddled around a RISK game board arguing about dice rolls, luck, tactics and diplomacy with your friends.

For many of us this isn't possible any more as jobs and family take priority and so a new breed of website has started allowing you to play RISK online against friends (and enemies!) anywhere in the world.

But which website should you join? If you type 'Play Online Risk' into Google you'll come up with pages and pages of hits and investigating each site can take forever.

So I've done the hard work for you by joining all the major online RISK sites and I've reviewed and rated them in a number of key areas to come up with a list of top rated sites to play Risk online.

The top sites are listed to your left with their ratings, click through for my full review of each one.

John Adams
July 2011

BM Box 2892, London WC1N 3XX